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Rami Kadi + Details
Rami Kadi + Details

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My name is Becky. I’m a mother, wife, and an active member of my community. 

I run three blogs all together, and yes, I have been neglecting them all. Sorry.

gigi-mcduck was the original creator of NOTYOURTYPICALBRIDE. She is still the administrator for this blog, but I am the only one that post. Unless stated otherwise, of course. Instead of deleting this blog, I decided to run it for her instead =) 

I have been running this blog for two out of the three years that its been up. I do not have a personal blog (I wouldn’t have time for it) instead my “fashion” blog (fashionably-decadent) doubles for one.

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our punk/skinhead wedding, sydney australia; june 16th 2012. 


a few of Sarah’s pictures of the wedding dress I made for Jesse’s special day.


My wedding is going to be so fucking punk rock. 


First photo is one of the first fittings for this dress my mom and I did in the beginning. Goes to show a lot of time and hardwork can pay off. This gown was my wedding gown with my original design and corset pattern and a lot of hard work from my wonderful mother sewing and pinning and fitting the beginning into what it became!

Gown in Made in Blue silk with black lace and hand sewn beading.

We create custom wedding gowns for a living, so I had to go over the top for mine:P I never felt so awesome!

More photos will come later!!

Photos by Photosynthetique

My Hair and Make-up was done by M C Artistry

Dress by us at KMKDesignsllc


Unf. Get on my finger, you beautiful bitch.



Unf. Get on my finger, you beautiful bitch.



brides with tattoos <3

brides with tattoos <3

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